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Qualified Retirement Plan

Take Control of your Retirement Future: the fastest, safest, and most unrestricted retirement plan available.  A QRP is a retirement account designed to give you the greatest amount of investment flexibility, the highest level of asset protection, and at the lowest possible cost. Because your QRP is self-directed, you don’t have to pay administrator or management fees related to your investment decisions and transactions. Quite simply, your QRP is the most powerful tool you can use to secure your financial future, increase your wealth, and expand your retirement account investment options.

Why you must have one? There’s a commonly held misconception that your retirement account is an investment vehicle you have little to no control over. With the QRP, you no longer have to settle for limited earnings, high fees, and restricted investment options in your retirement account.

The QRP allows you total control of your retirement and gives you access to alternative/unconventional investments beyond stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. The Qualified Retirement Plan offers the most flexibility permitted by law and allows YOU to directly control your investments in an unrestricted platform. With a QRP, YOU are the trustee and administrator of YOUR retirement plan!

With the QRP, you no longer have to pay for a third party custodian or administrator which eats into YOUR profits.

Benefits of a Qualified Retirement Plan:

  • HUGE Tax Advantages

  • Asset Protection

  • Alternative Investments

  • You are the Trustee – FULL CONTROL

  • Profits grow tax deferred

  • Contribute 10x more than in an IRA. $51,000 compared to $5500

  • Many more tax and non-tax benefits!


Key Benefits of the QRP:

  • Manage your account directly without any brokers, banks, or trust companies being the middle man. You are the trustee AND the administrator.

  • Contribute up to $51,000 per year to your QRP

  • Legally avoid the UDFI tax that would apply to certain self directed IRA transactions

  • Participate in ROTH contributions to your QRP even if you are ineligible for a Roth IRA due to high income

  • Transfer existing retirement funds into your new QRP

  • Direct your investments with absolutely no restrictions on investment choices (consider real estate, private companies, foreign assets, precious metals, tax liens, etc)


QRP compared to an IRA: The QRP differs immensely from self-directed IRAs. Many professionals speak of the numerous benefits of self-directed IRAs, however they often do not mention the ongoing filing fees or yearly maintenance costs of their plan.

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